Spiritual Direction

Angela Center is committed to supporting everyone’s
spiritual journey with a variety of programs and opportunities for growth.  One such opportunity is spiritual direction which is a listening, supportive companioning in order to discern God’s presence and continuing invitation to a deeper relationship.

Angela Center has a variety spiritual mentors for you to choose from: Sally Singingtree, Ruah Bull, John Kennedy and Dr. Marion Zipperly, who are available by appointment for those who want to deepen their prayer life and relationship with God.

Sally-Sunflower medium9-23-2013-138Rev. Sally Singingtree brings experience as a hospice chaplain, interfaith minister, and spiritual mentor.  She has offered compassionate support for those journeying through physical decline as they come to terms with soon dying out of their physical body, as well as support for caregivers, health professionals and those who are grieving.  Contact Sally at 486-4070.

Ruah Bull PhD is a spiritual director who supports men Ruah Bulland women seeking to deepen their relationship with God. She works with ‘holy longing’– the desire for ‘something more’ that calls us into a time of unravelling and exploration, and opening into unfamiliar territory- where the One who has called us out of our comfort zone is waiting. Ruah teaches centering prayer, contemplative practice, and imagery work throughout the Bay Area. Contact Ruah at 707-762-3404 or rbcapaxdei@gmail.com.  

John Kennedy is an intern in a three year program at Mercy Center in Burlingame for persons interested in becoming spiritual advisors/companions. He is available to meet with spiritual advisees at the Angela Center in Santa Rosa or at another convenient location.

John retired in 2013 after a career in higher education. The spiritual advising seemed a natural outgrowth of his work on college campuses. His approach is ecumenical and he is happy to work with persons from all faith traditions.

To arrange for a spiritual advising session, please call John at his home at 707 596-4864 or on his cell phone 415 305-9460. You may email him at JK-spiritual@outlook.com.
John is flexible in his scheduling of appointments. Because of his intern status, spiritual advising is offered at no cost. 

Dr. Marion Isabel Zipperle PhD is a psychologist with a ZipperleWebprivate practice in Santa Rosa and has been working with people with various issues for 20 years.  She noticed that as soon as people open themselves to talking in a therapeutic way, suddenly there is an energy that enters the relationship that wants to be heard.  This is often the Divine, the Spiritual.  She noticed that this changes the direction of the material and the relationship, so she wanted to begin to provide this experience for people who want a deeper experience of themselves and to connect with the guiding force of their lives.  Marion has a co-leader in the form of a dog, named Gryffin, who seems to know how to engage people with their experience of the Divine.  Gryffin provides comfort, and is a relaxing presence.  One person said he was God in fur.

Dr. Zipperle  can be reached at 527-9960 to set an appointment.  She can meet with you either here at Angela Center or at her downtown Santa Rosa office.  Because she is presently in training as a spiritual director, there will be no cost to you.

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