Psychotherapy & Counseling

Lasting therapeutic change happens over a period of time in the company of a therapist one respects and trusts–and can afford. Believing this, we keep our fees negotiable and our frequency of meeting adjustable, and to augment individual therapy we offer affordable classes and support groups.

Short-term counseling helps motivated people resolve transitional crises that arise in the life of every individual, couple or family system. We do that, too.

Our orientation is in depth psychology and we offer practical application of those principles. To us this means that, called on or not, the Spirit is moving to create health and wholeness in our lives; that what is happening has meaning; that what hinders our thriving must be responded to until the energy for growth is freed; and that we find our autonomy, our individuality, and our creativity only in conscious relationship with the people and institutions and events in our lives.

Angela Center has a staff of two licensed counselors, all with master degrees in marital and family therapy: Kris Hall from Sonoma State University, and Carol Shoopman from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Our full fee is $75 to $90 per hour. Lower fees are available depending on your needs and the counselor’s availability.

Phone 528-8578 for inquiries and appointments.

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