Some of you may be aware that I do handmade greeting cards as a way to share significant thought provoking quotes from what I am reading or thinking.  Most of my cards are block prints and all of them are hand written individually, which, yes, takes a lot of time but is sort of a meditative practice for me.

Well, the other day, I found one of my own cards in my mail box with a word encircled heavily and the card x-ed out.  It startled me at first.  The word that was circled was “included”, which is an important value for me— that everyone feel included!  My own image of the kin-dom of God is a large table where there is room for everyone!  So the fact that “included” was circled really startled me.

Then I reread the quote: “Expand your heart into a world-embracing space of healing from which no one is excluded” — except that I had written “included” instead of “excluded”.  At first I was just embarrassed that I had written the wrong word and given the opposite meaning.  Then I thought again and was pleased.  I have a hard time even writing the word “excluded”!!  My hope is that I will also have a hard time excluding!  I just think we should all have difficulty excluding anyone!!!

Dianne Just Thinking

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