At my age I’m always scribbling down things that strike me; the trick is to find those pieces of paper when I need them.  Today I was looking through a notebook that had a few of these notations and found this story that I must have read somewhere, but I have no clue where.  I just think the story bears repeating especially today.

The scene is a bunch of little children playing tug of war.  You know how it goes—two sides pulling against one another until one side drops the rope with hands stinging or falls on their behinds and loses.  In this particular story the girls are not allowed to play, so they wander off to a meadow and invent their own game of creating a rope of wildflowers or dandelions.  What was so different about this game was that anyone could play, there were no losers, and the game could go on and on, at least until their mothers called them home for dinner.

Just think about that.


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