Did you ever notice how young children ask questions incessantly?  They can almost drive a person crazy!  Then at some point that questioning dwindles.  I just think that’s sad because questioning is such a powerful way to learn and grow!   I’ve thought about that quite a bit since I read John Dear’s book The Questions of Jesus and was struck by just how much Jesus taught by posing questions and by seldom giving answers. 

I find myself asking more and more questions of myself and others for that matter.  And it seldom matters if there is an answer.  The questions seem to be the growth point. 

I have to admit though that it has also made me a bit wary of those who pontificate with THE answers.  Where’s the growth in that?

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having a series of sessions where we just grapple with the questions that Jesus posed and maybe even launch into a few of our own questions and ponder how Jesus might respond to those.  So look at our Fall 2012 programs for a series about Jesus’ questions!

Dianne Just Thinking

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