Reflection for April 19, 2017

After any true God experience, you know that you are a part of a 2017April19much bigger whole.  Life is not about you; you are about Life.  You are an instance of an eternal pattern.  Life is living itself in you.

Understanding that your life is not about you is the connection point with everything else.  We gradually recognize that the myriad forms of life in the universe, including ourselves, are operative parts of the One Life that most of us call God.  After such a discovery, I am grateful to be a part—and only a part!  I do not have to figure it all out, or even do it perfectly by myself.  I do not have to be God. 

It is an enormous weight off my back.  All I have to do is participate!  My holiness is first of all and really only God’s, and that’s why it is certain – and always holy.  It is a mutual indwelling, not an achievement or performance on my part.

After this epiphany, things like praise, gratitude, and compassion come naturally – like breath and air.  True spirituality is not taught; it is caught once our sails have been unfurled to the Spirit.  Henceforth, our very motivation and momentum for the journey toward holiness and wholeness is just immense gratitude – for already having it!

                                                                                               Richard Rohr



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