Reflection for December 7, 2016

Fear Not…

When the angel first appeared to the shepherds their first reaction 2016dec7bwas fear.  “They were so afraid.”  How human!  How like us!  They were frightened at first because it seemed too good to be true.  This is the tragedy of human nature.  We think something is too good to be true, but trouble never surprises us!  We regret it, but we do no think — it’s too bad to be true.

When something new and strange happens the first thing that most people feel is fear.  Most people tend to interpret anything unexpected as eveil or danger.

A great idea that has been helpful to many is to say (when something that looks worrisome shows up in our life), “I see the Angel of God in every change.”  Never be afraid because a change comes into your life.  God never closes a door without opening another one.  So when change happens and youy begin to be frightened, say to yourself.  “I see the Angel of God in this change.”

Emmet Fox (1886-1951) Diagrams for Living

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