Reflection for February 22, 2017

Our Lady of the New Advent,
Gate of Heaven

Gate of Heaven,2017Feb22
You are round and open,
Your hands are raised in blessing:
blessings rain down on our uplifted faces.
Mother of the All,
you contain the answeer to our deepest longings,
I come to you with the cup of my soul empty.
Fill me with hope for a new world,
a world of pervasive peace and unmitigated justice,
where swords are hammered into plowshares,
and our leaders sow vegetable seeds.
Lady of the Mountain,
I have struggled to your summit.  
The ascent has been harrowing,
but I have grown strong on my journey.
Now I see the world as you see it,
broken and beautiful,
flawed and perfect.

Mirabai Starr

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