Reflection for February 8, 2017

Thought of Grace– Opting for Love

Cinderella’s fairy Godmother did not say to Cinderella “That 2017Feb8stepmother of your is such a bitch…We’ll show her!”  She could not have said those things — or even thought them — and retained her mystical power.  “But,” you might say, “the stepmother was so mean to Cinderella,a nd the stepsisters were almost as awful.  Doesn’t that stepmother deserve to be judged?”

Notice that the Fairy Godmother obviously registered the fact that the stepmother was out of line, or she would not have stopped by in the first place.  Clearly, she thought the situation needed to be rectified, or she wouldn’t have brought her wand.  But the Fairy Godmother was too wise to take sides.  the archetypal wicked stepmother lives in all of us, as much as Cinderella does.  The stepmother is not where we are bad, she is where we are wounded, divorced from our true nature.  The fairy Godmother came to heal, not to judge.

Cinderella’s refusal to surrender to thoughts of retribution is part of what drew the Fairy Godmother to her in the first place.  Hate can summon the powers of the world, but only Love can summon the powers of God.  It takes tremendous faith in the power of Love to refusa to hate those who behave in hateful ways.  Yet in that refusal lies our Grace.

Marianne Williamson –Everyday Grace — Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles

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