The Other Side

Some activities are more meditative than others and berry picking is one of the most reflective I can think of.  Maybe it’s the early morning quiet; maybe it’s the repetitive motion of picking, but whatever it is, berry picking is good for the soul.

Picking my boysenberry patch is also a somewhat challenging task of hunting for the berries that are just the right ripeness.  I move the leaves aside, look from top down and even bend way down and search upward.  I feel like I’m pretty thorough, but it never fails that when I’m a ways down the row, I look back and there are big beautiful ripe berries in full view!  And then when I get to the other side of the row, I find even more berries that I totally missed.

That got me thinking about how we think we have the whole picture when many times there are truths right in front of us that we miss.  Sometimes we need to see something from the other side, from a whole different perspective.  There might be a lot of truth on the other side.  Imagine that!

Just think for a moment how different things might be in our world if folks stopped to look at things from others’ point of view.  The other side might actually have a point or two.  Just think.

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